First of all, we should make it clear is that if you would like to show your appreciation for a movie or an actor, paying to see the movie is the right way to do it. While we all know this, we must admit that the majority of us still enjoy watching movies after we got our hands on them through a free torrent download. in the past, it really took awhile until the latest movies became available for free torrent download after their release. At least in a decent quality. Now, the time lapse between the official release and the date when a free torrent download surfaces seems to get shorter and shorter.

This year a number of great movies were released. The majority of them were sequels, but even so, they were eagerly awaited. This reflects in the list of the most popular free torrent download too. The Fast & Furious movies, for example, are extremely popular. Even without Paul Walker starring in it, Fast 8 quickly appeared in the form a free torrent download after its release, in a more than decent quality. While the true fans probably opted for going to the cinema to see the new movie, there were also a lot of people who waited a little longer for the free torrent download.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 also made a fast debut as a free torrent download. Only days after its official release, fans could download the free torrent from different torrenting websites. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was no exception from this rule either. Those who wanted to watch it outside a cinema could easily do it as a free torrent download option quickly surfaced. Power Rangers also returned and the free torrent download became available extremely fast after the release of the movie.

Normally, the fact that all these movies become available for free really causes the distribution companies to lose money. On the other hand, it makes different franchises a lot more popular as many movie enthusiasts prefer not to pay to see a movie. However, these people will still buy products that produce additional income for the distribution companies. It is, basically, a win- win situation. They lose the price of a movie ticket, but can actually win a lot more by getting more popular. Torrenting sites actually seem to help them make more money by enabling users to access a free torrent download. Of course, they would probably be perfectly pleased if everyone just went to the movies instead.

There are a lot of new movies coming up so the number of free torrent downloads will probably increase soon.