Hello all! We hope you had a great summer. Here is an update on some things we have in the works.

1. NEW RESEED PRIORITY. Yes. we are not as big as some other established trackers, but we grow DAILY. Yes, alot of torrents only have a seed or 2, and some have none. Yes, Our bots hold torrents for about 2 months from inital upload. but this dosnt help when there are no seeds on a torrent. So we are offering an incentive... If you want something that is not seeded, message GOD with the URL and he will reseed it for you from a 1 gig line. If you do this, to see dead torrents, you will be credited 100 BP after 5 days of seeding said torrent. We will do the tracking, but once you msg god with a URL to reseed, if you are shown to see that torrent for atleast 5 days, you will get 100 BONUS POINTS PER TORRENT. Our new code will have a feature to do this automaticly, and is being worked on diligently.

2. FREELEECH. We are offering FL for the next cvouple weeks, to help thoes new members from torrentDB that lost their home and have joined our family. take advantage of this and remember, all TSP/TSPxL internal releases have FREELEECH 24/7 AND 3x upload multiplier.

3. We are offering TRIPPLE donations right now, so get your access to the streaming service we offer for 3x longer than normal right now, and get your moneys worth from upload, bp, and invites!

4. STREAMING SERVICE. AS LONG as you hold VIP status, you will have access to our PLEX server, which has new content added every day, and as a VIP you nmay request content to be added to it to be able to replace all thoes other over priced streaming services you have now.

5. NEW CODE. We are building a new code for other trackers to be able to use. It will have all the best bits from all different codes rolled up in one, with new features that have never seen the light of day before. The users will have such a great experence, we bult this from your point of view. We wanted the user to be able to find their favorite content as easy as they can, and know when new content will come out. We wanted you guys to have FUN on a tracker, not just use it once ever few weeks to get a torrent. The new code is being worked on every day and we hope to see it around the holidays STAY TUNED GUYS!

Any thing else you need, feel free to message GOD, or post in the forums. This is all checked multiple times a day. Thanks for being the best part of TSP.