"Hello to Tos,

After having struggled for days with the update to the new version and viewing the number of bugs remaining to be corrected, we decided to restore the backup made at the time of migration.
Despite all our tests, the bugs have mainly come from a part that it is impossible for us to test in depth: management, torrents and announcements (a few tens of thousands of peers are missing ...)
The torrents, topics, messages and stats of the last 3 days are lost.
We will relaunch a part of the uploads from the bot, to brighten the situation a little.
The torrents should go back to green on their own. Only the uploaded torrents that have been in red since Friday evening will be mistaken with a "Torrent not registered with this tracker" message.
If these torrents are reuploaded by the bot, you can download the .torrent files again and seed them.

We will try to carry on with the recent additions of features such as the premium on the current version and wait for a more stable version of the CMS.

The Hit & Run is deactivated and the Global FreeLeech is on until Sunday evening in order to avoid any inconvenience.

If you have any problems/questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the support menu => helpdesk "