A newcomer to the team!
Sun, Jan 22, 2023 9:22 PM
Hello TOS and TOTES!

We just launched a new bot! 🍾
This is a FASTSUB bot for the series to respond with action to the desertification of the teams that produce these releases and that the most impatient among us are watching boldly.
It's still in the testing phase so everything is fine, don't be surprised if sometimes nothing comes out or if it comes out wrong 😆.
The process is 100% automated and without any control.
Since it's fastsub, their quality is sometimes questionable (long live google trad...)
That's why these torrents will be 100% FREELECH.

We're not opposed to reposting of course because we don't like exclusivity in a world of sharing.
We just ask you not to repost anywhere and anyhow, here are the reasons:

Torrents are released under the -TOS tag, so it's likely that some other trackers don't like the ads.
The bot is in the test phase so everything is possible including shit.
The process is fully automated and without any control.
The quality of the first subtitles that come out is sometimes shitty.


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