2/3/18 e**** temp edit: For the next week or so I'm offering 5000 karma to anyone that uses this script to prep the details for a torrent they upload to THC. Leave feedback about your experience and the link to your torrent in this thread.

t**** edit: I will match that karma if your feedback results in an improvement to the script.

After lots of testing by e****, and a complete re-factor of the script, I'm proud to release to you, the unwashed heathens of THC:

t**** TorrentPrep script!

This powershell (windows only, sorry Linux fam) script will take all that tedious prep work for uploading a torrent, and do it for you, so you can continue to watch The Bible Channel or whatever you freaks are into.

Here's what it does:

-Asks you to input a title
-Let's you choose from available matches
-Scrapes IMDB for description, URL, and details
-Asks you for path to file or folder of the movie you want to upload
-If you have a poster.jpg in that location, it will upload that picture to Imgur for you
-If you don't have a poster, don't worry, it will scrape TMDB for the poster
-Fires up MPC and grabs screenshots
-Uploads those screenshots to Imgur
-Fires up MediaInfo (must be installed) and grabs the details for your movie

NOTE: I'm throwing keytsrokes at MPC and MediaInfo,so don't don't touch keyboard or mouse during that section of the script. Play with your phone or pick your nose for a few minutes.
-Logs all of that info to a txt file for easy copying/pasting into upload fields
-Asks if you want to create a .torrent file
NOTE: if you say yes, it will copy the file or folder to a working directory. This could take several minutes.
-Asks if you want to copy the file or folder to a different upload directory
-Scrapes youtube for possible trailer urls

Some BTS magic it does:
-Tests path for UNC paths. Your directories can be local or or a NAS\Server share. (script must be on a local drive)
-Handles illegal characters in paths (without changing them). Except for quotes in filenames. Just don't do that. Or I'll have to write some ugly, complicated regex. And I don't wanna.
-Sells your soul to Satan
-Uploads your nudes to Imgur and emails me the links
-Now with colors!

-Does not work with full DVD/BD directories
-Can't return taglines
-Can't get youtube trailers it can as of v.06
(I may add features as I have time)

Usage: Right click, "Run with Powershell". Say yes if you get prompted to run unsigned scripts.