It's time to submit your ideas for March's Theme of the Month!

1)Make your suggestions - limit to three themes per person

Poster designs are essential!!! (we need one for the home page)

Every theme offered will receive 200 karma points
The creator of the winning theme will receive 1,500 karma points
plus overwhelming fame and universal respect among THC members!!*

2)Top uploader bonus:

In addition to the 50 karma points for each TotM upload you will receive:

5 Uploads - 400 karma
10 uploads - 1000 karma
15+ uploads - 2000 karma

3)Poster bonus:

200 karma for every poster submitted and 1500 karma for the poster that ends up on the homepage

4)The Poll:

All suggested themes must be accompanied by a poster to be entered in the poll. Posters can can be submitted by anyone for any suggested theme


February 1st - 23rd : Make your suggestions - limit to three themes per person
February 24th - 28th : Vote for your favorite theme in the poll