THC Periodic Update

January focused on Full Bluray rips and is nearing it's end. All full BDs were set FREE and all received downloads. There was a lot of action. In fact, every single Bluray was snatched at least once, if not many times. I will be extending the Freeleech for any of these torrents that currently have a leecher. I'm doing that right after posting this, so don't go trying to jump on a bunch of them or you'll end up getting download stats counted. Reminder... From now on, all Full Bluray rips uploaded will receive 4 weeks Freeleech upon upload.

I've archived every Full BD that we have on site. I will keep them seeded in perpetuity and do my best to keep up with any added in the future. The reseed request button will now reach me for all of these also.

The Outskirts of THC Contest starts on Feb 1! I'm looking for uploads in unique categories, of rare material, and of rips made from unusual sources. Go check out the thread and make reserve your spot HERE. There will be great rewards for the winners and participants.

e**** thought:

There has been a noticeable slump in Free Movie of the Week votes over recent months. If we get back to 150+ votes in a week, I'll set an additional torrent of my choice FREE for the following week. Participation is key people!