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Thread: Thegft News

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    Thegft News

    UPDATE: We're live.

    In order to gain som new blood to the site we will hold open signups this weekend.

    Friday is the starter and sunday is closing time.

    Do note that during this open signup you are allowed to signup from banned countries. Reason for this "amnesty" is that it is much easier to handle a big influx in short time rather than over time.

    * You're not allowed to use anonymizers for signup or usage of the site. This does not mean seedboxes are not allowed.

    * You're not welcome if you're banned for something bad before. Inactivity is not bad.

    Since this message will spread to sites like and other p2p-disease sites, where lies from butthurt busted people thrive, i'd like to make a note here:

    No one have ever nor will ever be disabled for not donating. This has never ever happened nor will it ever happen.
    No one have ever nor will ever have to donate to keep their accouts for being from a usually banned country. This has never ever happened nor will it ever happen.
    Those of you who claim this stupidity on said sites are liars. Plain liars.

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    it's already old news and have been posted before and TheTrader answer to that claim himself

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