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What are some fun hobbies with a short learning curve?

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And last but not least, this week's FLOTW torrents:

Jenny Damm - Agility Series: Handling Foundations
This video contains the three most important things in agility: Relationship with your dog, Motivation and Foundation Training. Whether your goal is to be a World Champion, or if you just want to have fun with your dog, you and your dog must have a good foundation.

Robert W. Lang - Build the 21st-century Workbench
This new workbench from Robert W. Lang combines the best workholding devices and ideas from a number of historic bench forms, along with a few design twists of his own. Whether you use power tools or hand tools (or both), this knockdown bench design is perfectly suited for the modern workshop.

Giger's Alien: Film Design, 20th Century Fox (Oct 1994)
A complete record of the months of work that went into the design of the alien in the popular film.

H.R. Giger Revealed - The H.R. Giger DVD
Let bizarre landscapes take you into a world of biomechanoids and aliens, erotomechanical constructions and demonic monsters, where you will lose track of time and space. You are about to watch two hours of unique private footage of the Swiss surrealist and the worlds he created along with digitally remastered living collages of pictures from all important periods of his work accompanied by psychedelic music.

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