T.bz Anniversary: 10 Days Left ~ Forums, Debates, Events & More

Just 10 More Days To Celebrate TBZ's 10th Anniversary!

Remember - There are several events, so read the ENTIRE announcement. ;-)

TG.BZ Weekday Bulletin

For all those topics you find interesting but no one else seems to...

All the conversation topics you shouldn't broach at parties, or with your friends at dinner...

All the things worth talking about but that get overshadowed by society's
unhealthy obsession with trivial, inane, superficial nonsense...

You can talk about all those things and more, right here at TheGeeks, with people
who want to have the same kinds of intellectual and meaningful conversations.

Check out some of this week's current and controversial topics. For example:

Is IQ meaningful, or just a meaningless number in the end?

Want to have an intellectual conversation with people who actually
care about who wins the upcoming US Presidential Election?

Should you really be worried about the impending
stock market crash, or is it all just hype?

Speaking of the economy, is fractional reserve banking
a necessary good, or is it an unnecessary evil?

Or maybe you can't focus on the US because you find yourself
interested in being aware of just how big of a role Russia will
play regarding the destiny of world politics, and planet earth:

And to lighten the tone a bit, but still keep it geeky: are movies
really just a means for the proverbial "they/them" to push
some sort of insidious agenda and "revaluate" our values?

Last but not least, feel free to worry about something
you never did before as you try to go to sleep tonight:

And plenty more in the NEW TG.bz forums. :-)

Just A Quick Reminder the First Live TG Debate Is In 4 Days
And We Have 4 Slots Left

Again, the 5 topics for the first TG Live Debate are...

1. Are GMO (genetically modified) foods safe and a benefit to humanity
or a hazard to people's health and the environment?

2. Should fried or unhealthy calorically dense food (fast food, donuts, soda, etc)
come with a warning label like cigarettes do (as an attempt to combat obesity)?

3. With the outrageously high cost of college tuition these days,
is it still beneficial & worth it to go?

4. Should Europe refuse to take Muslim refugees in the face of
last terrorist attacks and their origin in Islam?

5. Should governments be allowed to place weapons in orbit
above their territories (ie weaponization of space)?

The Still Vacant Slots Are:

A) The For & Against slots for issue #2 (both positions on obesity warning labels),
B) The For slot in issue #4 (to argue refugees should be allowed into Europe),
C) The For slot in issue #3 (to argue a college education is still worth it these days)

Remember, all who participate will automatically get 25 GB
of ratio awarded to them, and another 25 GB if they win.

Wanna Claim One Of These Slots For Yourself Before Someone Else?

Click Here

P.S. 7 torrents pertaining to the debate issues FreeLeech until May 1. So even if
you don't plan to participate, make sure you check out that link to grab them!


Staff knows that members are anxious to donate.
Until they're able to do so, we're going to have at least
one OK-sized Free torrent per day to help get new members
a bit of an early buffer. Hopefully this will help.

Watch Browse daily for NEW Free torrents! Some Free
torrents will only remain Free until the following day, so
hurry up and grab them while you can. ;-)

And that's not all! The 10th Anniversary celebration marches on with...

TG.bz Events & Contests:

DEADLINE is May 1st (10 days from now!)
for most of the contests, so hurry if you want in.

TBZ's #RockIt Radio Station & IRC channel is
broadcasting during the Anniversary period (and beyond).
Check TG's official forum HERE for updated show times!

TBZ's IRC Trivia returns just for April! Visit #trivia on IRC to join in the action.

Poker Tournaments (just-for-fun & official flash games) are being hosted in #game on IRC.
Watch each TBZ site's Announcements for surprise flash tournaments exclusive to those sites!
(Official poker tournaments will continue as 10th Anniversary festivities wind down.)

*10 DAYS LEFT* ● TheGeeks Anniversary Upload Contest ● 10 DAYS LEFT*
Get ratio bonuses for each torrent you upload (plus massive prizes for those who upload the most)
1st: 100GB ◦ 2nd: 80GB ◦ 3rd: 60GB


* * ● Give Advice On How To Make TheGeeks Better (& Win Gigs!!) ● * *
Give your reasons for wanting to come to TheGeeks and what you personally feel is good, or stinks on the site.
3GB for each person who gives a cool answer


* * ● Searching for the Words - a decade of T.bz ● * *
Solve a word search puzzle and find the hidden message to win an exotic prize.
:?: Mystery Prizes :?:


*10 DAYS LEFT* ● YOUR TBZ story Contest ● * 10 DAYS LEFT*
Tell us about your journey on the TBZ network and how these sites have affected your life.
1st: 25GB ◦ 2nd: 20GB ◦ 3rd: 15GB


*10 DAYS LEFT* ● Best Meal You've Ever Had Contest ● 10 DAYS LEFT*
Talk about (and maybe show) the best or most memorable meal or dish you've ever had or cooked.
1st: 10GB ◦ 2nd: 8GB ◦ 3rd: 5GB


*10 DAYS LEFT* ● Why do you love TheGeeks? ● *10 DAYS LEFT*
Describe in just one sentence: Why do you love TheGeeks?
1GB for each person who gives a cool answer


Is this the end of our events? Perhaps, or... perhaps not.:innocent: