With Bitme.org seeming to have passed away we, the staff of
have been inundated with people just scrabbling to get in a mad hair pulling disorganised way, so, we have decided to open our doors to any of their refugees who wish to join our site and relax the rules of normal invite signup - if people do things constructively ( we need our sanity too).

To those Bitme members who are not acquainted with TheGeeks, see reviews however the two sites share a similar mission and ethos and content. We're a general E-Learning tracker with focus on IT, Web Design, DB, GFX, Languages, Science, Photography, Documentaries even Craft & Hobby subjects.

​To apply for an account you must email here: [Bitme2TG@protonmail.com](mailto:Bitme2TG@protonmail.com)

You must use a proper non disposable email address, preferably the one used at BitMe.

* No Use of Proxies/VPN/TOR/Seedbox/Corporate/Mobile IPs to join up or communicate/website use. (Seeding ok)

(We only allow one approved VPN/proxy service after your reach power user class - SEE FAQ)

* supply at least one screenshot proof of actual BitMe membership

-either account profile screenshot youve kept ora bitme torrent url seeding in your client

-a second live tracker profile screenshot off the reddit list
would speed things up

* a short description of your tracker history or any and all info you think could be relevant.

​If you havent got proof of BitMe still then we also accept profile screenshot proofs of two live trackers from the Reddit trackers list
, however email these to the normal email address.
(length of time on the tracker & ratio/posts are considered in the process)
Normal invite email for non-bitme applicants: [tg_invite@protonmail.com](mailto:tg_invite@protonmail.com)

​any queries come to our irc - /server irc.thegeeks.click 6667 channel: #thegeeks-invites

​See you soon ! :-)

​People resident in Countries: Algeria, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Romania need not apply.
(exceptions made on Very Good tracker experience elsewhere)