According to, because of IPTV piracy, a Briton and a Thai were sentenced to a fine of three and a half years on probation, along with several fines totaling EUR 540,000. In addition, the Thai authorities have withheld illicit revenue in excess of 208,000.

Sold your own Android boxes: Football streaming via IPTV

In Thailand, two men were recently sentenced. They had sold Android-based set-top boxes on the Internet. About it one could look over IPTV illegal recordings of the highest football league and other high-ranking sport events. The copyright of the English Premier League (EPL) was primarily infringed. The men have to pay a fine of 15 million baht (THB), which is the equivalent of almost 450,000 euros. In addition, the searches have seized assets worth 7 million Bath (208,000 euros). The suspects have to pay an additional three million bath fines for conducting their illegal operations in Thailand. That's the equivalent of almost 90,000 EUR.

It is believed that the total amount of fines is the highest ever to be paid for copyright infringement in Thailand. In advance, the EPL had investigated in cooperation with the Thai Department of Special Investigations against the suspects.

Police have taken several illegal portals off the net

The first arrests took place in May 2017, when the police raided several properties in Bangkok. From the premises the streaming services "365 Sport" as well as the portals,,, and were operated. The websites are all no longer accessible. In the raid three suspects were arrested, later released on bail two men at the request of the British Embassy. Another suspect, against whom one investigates, has submerged, according to police. The Thai public prosecutors have issued a warrant for his arrest and other suspects involved in the streaming operations.

Warning to all providers and users of illegal sports streams

" This is one of the most comprehensive compensation for piracy crimes in Thailand and a clear warning to anyone involved in the illegal delivery of Premier League streams" said Kevin Plumb, director of the legal department of the Premier League to the press. According to Plumb, the attitude of many football fans on the subject of IPTV streams is currently changing in the Asian region. Anyone using piracy offers should be aware that organized crime members are making it available. In the case of a raid, the screen also remains dark. In addition, this would expose you to the risk of fraud and the contamination of your own hardware by malicious software. The Premier League was grateful to the courts and prosecutors for recognizing and supporting the importance of online piracy.

Currently there are, according to media reports, even more cases in Thailand, where copyright infringement committed. These are still under investigation. Many Thai and foreign companies are affected by IPTV or streaming piracy.