100 days

It's been 100 days or so since we made our The Future of TehConnection.eu Announcement and though it might not seem like it, we've made some major progress and we're not done yet!

Over the past 100 days we have:

- Integrated our new Ocelot Tracker

- Built Justine Bot which serves users and staff in IRC

- Fully functional Mail Server giving us a 98.4% delivery rate

- TehIMG.eu for hosting images/screenshots/etc.

- Invested in our infrastructure and security
-- 1 x Front-End Server | 1 x Back-End Server | 1 x IRC Server | 1 x Development Server | 1 x Site Operations Proxy Server | 1 x Image Hosting Server | 1 x Zero Knowledge Storage Server

- Developer working on the current source code

- Developer(s) working on a next-generation torrent site/tracker software (No ETA but we are shooting for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 2020)

- Several new and old staff and helpers handling daily site operations

- Dozens upon dozens of smaller Gazelle bugs and pages that you would never have known of or even seen, but they are fixed! =)

- And there's probably a ton more that our amazing Astarael has done that we don't even know about!

In the not so distant future we will be:

- Automated Crypto-Currency donation system

- Encoding / Uploading Server - 2 x Xeon - 32 GB DDR4 - 30 TB HDD - 1 GBit Full Duplex

- Staff have been under intense deliberation regarding a Bonus System + Seeder Surge - We don't know what's going to happen but we'll let you know before the final decision is made! We've read your suggestions and comments, all 1000 of them, we will do our best to give you the users what you ask for.

- We've noticed a considerable increase in the amount of inactive users coming into IRC and re-enabling their account, many of them 5-8 yrs since their last login. So we will soon be re-activating all "good" but inactivity disabled users. There's approximately 50,000 of them. We'll start with 2500 users a week being enabled. It will increase activity, torrent retention and speed, we are already up 40,000+ peers since the beginning of the year.

- New default Style-sheet - its secksy asf.

We are looking for developers!

We need more hands! Our developers have donated so much of their personal time and they continue to do so but working at the pace they are will burn anyone out, let's load-balance the work so no on gets tired!

Preferred Qualifications
Writing server-side code for web-based applications
C++, PHP, AJAX, Python or JavaScript, database design and SQL.
Develop UI with AJAX and similar technologies.
An understanding/experience with CSS and HTML5 development
Knowledge of Unix/Linux.
Experience with the BitTorrent protocol

If you are interested in joining our operations team, please send Astarael a message.

Make sure you include what position(s) you are looking to fill, as well as a CV or any qualifications you possess.


After many, many years our PayPal account got reported about a month ago and has now been permanently locked. There was 160~ euros in the account.

We have prepaid all of TC's hardware for the next <60 days with donations that we were able to transfer out.

We don't want to gamble with your donations by setting up another PayPal account (even thought we think we can still beat PayPal!).

We have decided to make the transition to BitCoin.

If you are financially able, please consider making a donation to help us pay the bills!