Changes Made After Accounts getting Compromised

Hello Everyone,

As we previously came to know about few accounts getting compromised, we have recovered some accounts and did implemented some security and changes to prevent such things in future. Below is the list of things we have implemented.

Account Compromise Post:- here

Account got Compromised Form :-
So firstly we implemented the Account got Compromised ? Form, where we have requested users to fill the form if their account has been compromised :- Sadly users took it wrongly and many users whose account hasn't been compromised, also started filling the form and we got so many responses in it, we did look into some records but couldn't go through all records due to so many requests. However users whose account got compromised had one thing in common, that is their email id was changed, so we have looked into that aspect and recovered accounts we were able to found.

Restriction on Post and Share Section :-
Restriction on Post and Share Section - So we had a Post and share section where normal users could post and share files over there, but now normal users cannot post there anymore, only verified members can post in that section from now onwards.

Implementation of Forms :-

Note :- All these forms can be filled only once, so if you fill them once with wrong data, so you won't get another chance to fill the form.

1. Email Change Request Form :-

Now after this incident we have decided to disable the email change option for all, so you cannot change your email address anymore and in case for some urgent reason, you want your email to get changed than in that scenario you have to fill the below mentioned form.

You will have to provide a particular reason for changing email, and if our staff find it convincing, than they will change your email address for you and you will have to verify your new email address before you can continue using your account.

Email change request form can be found on either below link or under Forms tab on navigation

Email Change Request Form :-

Note :- Email change request form can only be filled once, meaning if you don't provide a proper reason for changing your email and your request get denied, than you won't get another chance to fill that request.

2. Verified Member Form :-

Now onwards to become a verified member, you will have to fill a form and staff will review your request and if staff found it legit and found your profile ok, then they will approve your request, however there are some requirements before you can fill that form. Once you fill a form you will receive a PM that your form has been submitted, and once a decision is made you will get the PM regarding it whether your request has been approved or denied.

Verified Membership allows you to post in Post and Share Section

Requirements for Applying Verified Member :-

Account Age :- 3 months old (Your account should atleast be 3 Months older)
Posts :- 100 posts (You must have 100 valid posts, excluding thankyou, hello etc, small messages)
Reactions/Likes :-100 reactions (You must have received 100 valid reactions)
Data Uploaded :- 50 GB+ (You must have uploaded 50 GB Data on forum through seeding)

Verified Member form can be found on below link or through the Forms tab on navigation.

If you don't meet any of the above requirements then you won't be able to access that form unless you meet all above requirements.

Verified Member Form Link :-

3. Uploader Rank Application :-

Similar to Verified Member Rank, For uploader rank also you have to fill an application form which will than be verified by staff member and you will receive updates through update whether your application has been approved or denied. There are some requirements which needs to be fulfilled before applying for Uploader Rank.

Uploader Rank allows you to post in Post and Share content throughout website.

Requirements for Applying to Uploader Rank :-

Account Age :- 6 months old (Your account should atleast be 6 Months older)
Posts :- 400 posts (You must have 400 valid posts excluding (thankyou, hello etc. small posts)
:- 200 reactions (You must have 200 valid reactions)
Data Uploaded :- 200 GB + (You must have uploaded 200 GB+ data through seeding)

Uploader Rank form can be found on below link or through the Forms tab on navigation.

If you don't meet any of the above requirements than you won't be able to access that form unless you meet all above requirements.

Uploader Rank Form Link :-

Virus Total Field :-

We have added the Virus Total Field :- So now each section have virus total field, so every user who uploads something here have to share the virus total result or a scanned result of that result, which you can easily find on top of any thread.

However please keep this in mind that, this always doesn't guarantee the safety and security, so it's users responsibility to rescan files at their end as most of the cracks have false positive virus, so its hard to distinguish between them, however we will try to create a thread soon to guide you on how to check a software before installing it in the main system.

Power User Degraded :-
Currently we have degraded all power users, and are looking forward to degrade some Verified Members and Uploaders who are found suspecious, for Power Users we will again upgrade the trusted people to Power User Rank soon enough.

VPN/Proxy Ban :-
We have currently banned VPN's and Proxies, we do understand that to protect your privacy many of you use VPN and Proxy, however we are seeing lots of abuse through VPN and Proxy and as a result we have implemented this system, we are looking for some better options, so if we found one we will enable access through VPN and Proxy

Registrations are Closed :-
As many of you might have noticed we have currently disabled new registration, we are planning to have it disabled for time being and we are also looking forward to invite only registrations, meaning only those with an invite code can register. So we will see into best options and accordingly decide what to implement.