The TFPC's relentless work has resulted in the suspension of multiple domains of notorious Tamil Rockers website, which specialises in the piracy of South Indian movies.

The anti-piracy team of the Tamil Film Producers' Council (TFPC) has continued its war on piracy as it has blocked 69 websites involved in the illegal business of streaming and uploading movie-related content online for free.

The anti-piracy cell of the TFPC has already filed numerous cases. "Mammoth achievement by @TFPC_Antipiracy blocking 60 plus major websites . First Indian film segment to file 69 cases against websites and 93 cable piracy cases. 18 cases against theatres involved in piracy. 19 arrests. Much more efforts to #killpiracy @prabhu_sr @vishalKOfficial. [sic]" the official handle of the team posted on Twitter.

Notably, 20 domains related to the notorious Tamil Rockers have been suspended. The complete list of blocked websites can be seen below:

A few days ago, the Maharashtra government's Cyber Digital Crime Unit (MCDCU) shut down the operations of 29 websites involved in piracy.

Reacting to the reports from Mumbai, SR Prabhu, the treasurer of TFPC, tweeted, "Already IPREC ( earlier Video Piracy ) is formed & through TFPC 40+ cases have been filed & many sites are blocked. TN govt. police dept. is supporting to their fullest power within the boundaries of the law#MoviePiracy @TFPC_Antipiracy. [sic]"

Recently, the TFPC brought down over 12,000 links of Rajinikanth's recently-released movie, Kaala, from various platforms.

The TFPC has been relentlessly working to curb piracy ever since actor-producer Vishal was elected as the president of the association. It has mainly cut off the revenue sources for Tamil Rockers, which is a leading torrent site involved in the piracy of South Indian movies.