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A little short info
It seems to be summer in Sweden this year, of course it is wonderful.
The sun is shining, the rain is falling, the thunder is falling.
However, think if we have had any Spring, in which case it was very short.
You can easily tear yourself away from the screens and get in your little D-Vitamin. After all, it doesn't hurt.

IPTV scrolls in normal order.
Gets new
Fun to be able to offer something that the majority seems to be happy with.
There have been a few flaws with television, It has solved itself over time.

The payment is only Bitcoin at present. It will be the future until we find a service that we feel comfortable with, Until then, it is Bitcoin.

When you want to renew your current subscription, you go to "Order IPTV" fill in the form in the form. If you have several subscriptions you can also fill in the username for faster processing. You will receive payment address in PM, Manually by us in the staff.

There are free samples for those who want to test the service.

With all this we want from Staff wish you a cannon summer with all that it means.

/ Staff from Ankeborg

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