Hi all fans

Summer is in sight and it looks promising with warmth in the future.
Everyone has earned a little vacation in the sun after a really cold winter.
Unfortunately, I have some gloomy news for you.

We will make a server change within the next few days. Will be a little down time with this. Everything is almost clear, what will take time is the one.

It has been cool on the front of the donation for a while, which is beginning to make some stress on our private economies.
It is absolutely voluntary and no compulsion to donate to us, but it makes sense for us if we can continue to run Superbits.org.

To try to get a nice buffer, this is suggested:

For every 100 you donate, you will receive 1 month freeleech. Seeding's requirement is of course left and no exception to that rule is given.

* Server exchange becomes safer and at a better cost.

You understand, of course, that this was a long way before we decided to write this news and if it had been possible to avoid this we would all have been happy and happy.
Hope you really understand the meaning of this news.

Freeleech ends at 21:00 18-05-06