The CMCT working group is now recruiting the following people for all members. If you are interested in participating, please choose a group that suits you from the following groups to join:

1. OCR group: SUP subtitle OCR or video hard subtitle OCR.
2. Listening and proofreading group: subtitle adjustment axis/national subtitle dictation proofreading.
3. Suppression group: CMCT official suppressed works production
language film production (recruiting only 2 people); foreign language film production (recruiting 10 people): English minimum level 4 and above. Subsequent adjustments to the synthesis of bilingual subtitles need to be completed independently, and it is not possible to start teaching from 0.
4. Special effects group: special effects subtitle production.
5. Audio track group: Audio track modulation/mixing.
6. DIY group: original DIY production (requires simple special effects production).
7. Art team: production of site banners, icons, etc. (Need to be proficient in P picture)

Job requirements:
1. After entering the working group, please do not quit at will.
2. To ensure that you can surf the Internet for a long time, you can use QQ frequently, and you can basically contact you every day, and you can complete tasks in the group on time.
3. Have a good impression of CMCT, have a team spirit, soy saucers who have been fishing for three days and two days on the net, and those who often do not go online on QQ, please do not disturb!

Application process:
1. Send a letter to the management team in the station , write "Applicant ** Group" in the subject, and write your own situation in the text. Applicants for suppressors need to fill in their own computer hardware configuration information .
2. Novices will arrange teaching training.
3. After completing the study, you need to participate in the assessment, and the assessment will be transferred to the regular entry, and the failure will be cleared out. The time limit is one month.

Special Note:
1. The special effects group, audio track group, DIY group, and art group do not accept novices (other groups do not have this requirement), and the corresponding work needs to be completed independently.
2. If the working group has no works for two consecutive months and the reason is not explained to the management group, the qualification of the working group will be cancelled. Please ask for leave in advance if you have something to do.
3. Except for the suppression group and the DIY group, other working group members are not restricted to cross-site part-time jobs, but at least they are responsible for themselves, the group and the site.

  Everything we do is free and voluntary labor, everything is based on hobbies, and we refuse to fish for three days and surf the net for two days. If you are the one, if you are the one, if you are the one, if you are the one, tell the important things three times .
  Of course, after joining, there will be medals, oceans, magic and internal benefits of the working group. CMCT sincerely invites children who love high-definition film and television and are willing to share their shoes to join our team, looking forward to it!

                                =CMCT Working Group =
                                 May 2021