Need help, no money, just a few clicks

Do you have heart, want to take up a challenge?

Help us win the competition for the most beautiful Christmas tree in the village!

How to do? Nothing's easier!

1/ click on the link:

2/ click on the images at the top, scroll through the images to the tree whose photo is lower, add a ? ??? or a ❤️ on the photo of our beautiful tree. Be careful to vote only for the one pictured below.

Do not hesitate to invite your friends... Clara and Eline dream of winning this contest once and this year they gave everything to design all the decorations...
Thank you in advance to all?????? ????????????????

To thank, I offer 50Gb of upload to all those who will have participated, just contact me by return of this message, and, I trust you, I will not check anything [em7]