2022.09.03 - Review of new features
So, here is the results of the last few weeks, for what is visible to you

- Activation of the extraseed (the first payments will be made on October 1st for those who have fulfilled the "contract", i.e. 15 days of seed or sending of 3x the data).

- Implementation of the "complaint form" on the login page, which allows you to contact the staff when you are unable to log in, or for a registration request, for example.

- Full freeleech for VIPs.

- A banner will announce the periods of global freeleech of the site, when it will be the case.

- A torrent approval function is implemented, the staff is in the process of setting up the use of this one, the torrents will remain visible and downloadable in all cases. This will be used to highlight torrents, without moving them to the top of the list on the torrent page, in the search options this item is selectable.

- The imdb info is in French on the torrents details page, not yet on the torrents page.

- The seedboxes are declarable - and please declare, because the download speed is implemented, otherwise there is a risk of having your right to DL suspended if the speeds exceed a certain threshold - via your user panel. In case of problems, contact the staff.

- Addition of a "harem" bonus: when you invite people to come to the site, you can, depending on their activity, receive a bonus of points. For example, you invite a member A, if this member earns 100 points, you receive 10.

- Addition of the extraction of HDR information in the data extracted from the technical information put during the upload, and presented on the details page torrent.

- Added popular torrents posters (latest 10) at the top of the torrents page and home page, we chose these torrents as they are not currently selectable in the search options, rather than putting the latest torrents posted, which them are in order in the torrent page.

We are still in the development phase on other projects, the site will continue to evolve to bring you other functions, sometimes fun, sometimes useful. [em7]