Christmas theme
Yes now it's soon december again and we would love to see a new Christmas-themed even for this year. We hope that there are some users who are eager to help with some suggestions which we can add, among our css templates. "winner" might have a little incentive to wait if we are very pleased A bonus would be if it is ihopknåpad and ready until December 1 just because it's Christmas month but we put no end date right now, but it may end when / if we feel that we are satisfied with a template. Proposal and discussion can be taken in this thread Sparvar.Org Forums> Design and Programming> Multiple color schemes and designs for Sparvar.Org

Advent Calendar
Yes, now is the first december dear sparrows and what does not fit superbly as if not a Christmas calendar! Savings Whose Advent Calendar As you also find in the main menu between "Torrents" and the Forum. Now begins the countdown!

Ho ho ho!

Open invites Raised Sparrows and higher can now use their invites! This is from today until New Year's Day. Sincerely, Staff