I have a butt load of rips that are ready to be uploaded but I'm too ADD to sit down and make screenshots/descriptions.

If someone is willing to go through the process I'll transfer them to you and can take all the upload credit or whatever... whatever it's worth. Plus brownie points and VIP and maybe even mod status and also pictures of all of the admins cocks rubbing together for infinity.

I have a program to automatically make screenshots from the videos. I can give you that too so basically all you have to do is watch some of the video make a brief description. Upload them to imgur and use the generate multiple bbcode images feature and copy paste the images. You can also do the drag and drop to mediainfo and copy/paste the text. It's up to you... as long as there is some minimal effort to make it look decent. So anyone with a little bit of time and minimal technical skill to create/seed a torrent. Don't even have to worry about doing the rips or getting the content.

If you are interested hit me up on private message or in the IRC.