Donations needed!

Members of shelllife,
We have a big problem with our paypal, it got blocked. And all the funds required to pay the monthly bill for the servers were on that paypal account.
It has been permanently blocked and there is no way to get back the funds only after 180 days.

We kindly ask you to donate via Bitcoin.

Below is the only BTC address for donations at the moment which you can use to donate any amount you wish to help the tracker.

BTC Address: here
If we don't receive at least 320$ by the next week, we'll probably have to close the tracker. But we'll do what we can to ensure that doesn't happen, however we kindly ask for your support, if you can donate, now is the moment we ask you to.

To reward you for your help now that we are in big trouble, we will give 3 TB upload credit, and 2.000 bonus points to anyone who donates above 30$ aswell as permanent VIP status.
Once you donated, please e-mail admin with your Bitcoin TxID and your username on the tracker, and we will credit your account accordingly.

Every bit helps.