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Update H&R ✌️

Hello everyone ��,

The H&R has its positive and negative points, some are worries about settings. After extensive use, we were able to think of adjustments to improve your experience on the site. Good news, the system has been modified to no longer lock user accounts after 3 warnings!

From now on, you will always have access to the different functionalities of the site except the right to download, the time to regularize your situation (reminder: 7-day temporary download ban). So you will not find yourself orphaned by tracker again ��

A new purchase has been implemented, the possibility of erasing one's H&R at 10,000 points per unit. To make this "redemption", go to the "Bonus" tab of the site to redeem your bonus points for warnings.
This will resolve a lot of concerns about this and make your accounts in the forest sustainable.

All these modifications will be effective from July 3, 2020 at 8:00 GMT +1

Good weekend to all ! ��