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No arms, no chocolate ��

Hello everyone ������

We hope everyone is well. As always, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

We took advantage of having some time to improve a few things on the site. We are announcing 2 changes:

- above all the possibility of deleting your different PM! So it is now possible to lighten your messaging ✉❌ (Please note this concerns only the entire conversation and not a specific message - this improvement will come one day)

- and we have revised the scale of bonus points, in order to readjust the balance between the different types of uploads. Indeed, it is normal that a villa does not cost the same price as a cabin in the woods ���� (the new scale is in the screen below). It will be effective from Monday, April 27.

Of course, regarding the new scale, we took the time to test it before. We realized that it was fairer and more in line with what sharing is. Thus, the number of points increases according to the weight of the torrent AND the duration of seed in your clients. In this way, there will be fewer disparities and it will be more coherent.

We decided to leave the points on all the categories, regardless of the size of the file. ✌✌

Even if we did some tests (which have been running internally for some time, on all users), the scale can change and adjust. We are trying to make sure that everyone is happy with it. ����

Note: the table shows the number of points per hour.

The Staff.