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New Formula - ShaKaw Tracker

At about 10:00 pm yesterday (03/16/2020) the ShaKaw tracker was reconfigured with a new formula, the purpose of which is to make the ShaKaw Tracker even better for users. The changes are described in the following parts of the FAQ:

  • "What is the Minimum Ratio?"
  • "What are the Classes?"
  • "Limitations of the Leecher Class?"

Among the changes I will highlight some of them here:

  • Now users of the Elite User class will be able to purchase invitations through the sharing bonus.
  • Users of the leecher class will not have a limit of 60 days prior to the account creation date when trying to download old torrents.
  • Minimum account time to be promoted has been reduced for all classes.

I recommend to everyone to reread the FAQ in its entirety, because in addition to the new formula of the tracker, two new questions have been added and some parts have been improved and updated.

I apologize if someone read the FAQ between 10:00 pm and 10:48 pm yesterday, due to some typos I had to make consecutive updates to it at the mentioned time.