Freeleech Picks of the Week

Sticky Sunday!

Wild Japan (2012)
In Japan, skyscrapers rise above the bright lights of this technological wonderland, and most of the 126 million inhabitants squeeze into dense urban hotspots. But bordering on the city limits is the unknown and mysterious world of WILD JAPAN. Forgotten by most, this wilderness is in danger of disappearing forever due to the ever-expanding cities and metropolises, forcing the wildlife into small pockets of the country. WILD JAPAN highlights the multiplicity of life on the island, transporting viewers from the Japanese Alps of the north, where macaques bathe in hot spas to the various islands of the south, where mudskippers inhabit mangrove swamps. With the modern world expanding in every direction, each day is a struggle for the creatures inhabiting WILD JAPAN.

Saved From the Spill (2010)
With oil actively gushing into the Gulf’s waters, National Geographic Explorer and wildlife expert Mireya Mayor, together with adventure underwater cameraman Andy Casagrande, join the extensive mission to save struggling creatures at the center of the crisis. Dive into the sludgy mess across the Gulf region with Mireya and Andy as they work to rescue pelicans, sea turtles, dolphins and many other creatures that use the Gulf as a migration superhighway. Along the way, they investigate the science behind the toxins and the anticipated impact they will have on coastal life for years to come. From the marshlands of Louisiana to the beaches and coral reefs of Florida — the beloved home state of both Mireya and Andy — watch their race to protect the injured creatures from an uncertain future, and follow their investigation after the oil spill was ultimately contained.