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Once Upon Atari (2003)
The classic feature documentary series with four episodes, directed and produced by famed Atari game designer Howard Scott Warshaw – also known as the creator of Yars’ Revenge, one of the best-selling games on the Atari 2600. Warshaw takes you on a trip through time, back to the late seventies and the birth of Atari, and interviews the personalities the fueled the company, including founder Nolan Bushnell.

Room 237 (2011)
A subjective documentary that explores the numerous theories about the hidden meanings within 'Stanley Kubrick's film The Shining.
The film may be over 30 years old but it continues to inspire debate, speculation, and mystery.
Five very different points of view are illuminated through voice over, film clips, animation and dramatic reenactments. Together they'll draw the audience into a new maze, one with endless detours and dead ends, many ways in, but no way out.