Activity Week Results

Hear ye, hear ye!

Well folks, we took long enough to tally the results and waited even longer to post them. One of the hold ups was the waiting period to ensure the winner of the leech-off competition had no HnRs because, well, it wouldn't be fair otherwise. So, without further ado, here they are:


With an astonishing 2.75 TB, our winner is reptoid who will receive 1 invite and 1 month of VIP status. Great job reptoid!

Honorable mentions to shaihulud with 703.10 GB & TheArgonaut with 619.94 GB. Great job guys!

Forum post-off

And a congrats to SChef with 54 posts, the most for this activity week! And he will receive 1 invite and a custom title. Let anyone on staff know what you'd like your title to be, SChef.

A great job to gafka with 14 threads for the most new threads category! He too will receive 1 invite and a custom title. Let us know what you want for your title as well, gafka.

Uploading Contests

Most Video torrents:
First place, TheUniverse with 20 uploads wins a lifetime supply of over 9000 internets!
Honorable mentions to: Snarg with 16 & shaihulud with 5 uploads respectively. Nice job!

Most eBook torrents:
First place with 23... TheDog awarded a lifetime supply of over 9000 internets!!
Honorable mentions to: capti3n with 14 & 2 uploads for Yaakov. Good going fellas!

Most App torrents:
The winner: TheDog with 3 uploads wins a second lifetime supply of over 9000 internets!

Most Popular Video:
The Most Popular Video was uploaded by thiefunu - Joao Magueijo's Big Bang, snatched a whopping 50 times!
Honorable mentions to indcraig with a close second for The Magic of Mushrooms snatched 47 times and philone for NOVA 's Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest, snatched 18 times.

Most Popular eBook:
The most popular eBook upload was April 2014 New Scientist Magazine by Yaakov (snatched 7 times).
Honorable mentions go to TheDog & capti3n for their eBook uploads.

Most Popular App:
The most popular app upload goes to TheDog (snatched 4 times) for Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Nature 3.0.

Most Popular Overall:
The big prize, winning a $10 iTunes gift card and a SciHD invite goes to thiefunu for Joao Magueijo's Big Bang.

Global Site Mile-Marker Contests

200+ IRCers:
Unfortunately we did not reach this goal. Come on folks! Hop on IRC and chat. JOWellerGirl will love you for it!

100+ New Forum Posts:
Hurray! We did reach this goal so everyone will gain an additional 12 hours of free leech.

50+ New Forum Topics:
Boo! We did not reach this.

1+ TB Site Download:
Thanks to reptoid and the many others, we certainly met this objective and will add a full 24 hours of free leech for all members! \o/

300+ Uploaded Torrents:
We did not gain a full week of free leech because we did not reach 300 or more uploads

Congratulations to the winners and all those who participated. This is not the last you'll see of Activity Weeks, or Activity Weekends. We are kicking around some ideas and hope to have another set of Activities real soon. So be on the look out for the next announcement.

Best Regards,
~SciHD Staff