Space Uploading Contest

Well folks, Comet ISON is on its way, getting closer to the sun, and with any luck, we'll be treated to quite the light show in the coming months! Now, in olden days, something like this might be seen as a sign from the gods, a harbinger of the coming apocalypse. But here at ScienceHD, we know the dangers of sticking to tradition at the expense of increasing scientific knowledge, so we know that those suggestions would be ridiculous, because clearly it's an alien spaceship. So to commemorate the arrival of our new alien overlords, we'll be kicking off an uploading contest on all things "space", in order to learn more about where they've come from and what else is out there!

All space related uploads are eligible for this competition, just remember to add a "space" tag to them.

1st: VIP Promotion | 5,000,000 credits | 5 Invites | Custom Title | 1st Profile Badge
2nd: 3,000,000 credits | 4 Invites | Custom Title | 2nd Profile Badge
3rd: 2,000,000 credits | 3 Invites | Custom Title | 3rd Profile Badge
4th: 1,750,000 credits | 2 Invites | Custom Title
5th: 1,500,000 credits | 2 Invites | Custom Title
6th: 1,250,000 credits | 1 Invite
7th: 1,000,000 credits | 1 Invite
8th: 750,000 credits | 1 Invite
9th: 500,000 credits | 1 Invite
10th: 250,000 credits | 1 Invite

- All uploads that follows the site rules and are tagged with a "space" tag will count
- All uploads with a "space" tag will yield a bounty of 50,000 credits during the contest
- The competition ends on January 5th (22:00 UTC)