** Yes this was posted around three months ago but staff have now added a 'paid in bonus points per edit/upload' **

Scenetime is currently accepting people for the positions of Torrent Editor, Coder, and Uploader.

Torrent Editor:

- A torrent editor's main function is to edit the descriptions of the torrent files, add banners, descriptions, trailers, screenshots, tracklists, and generally keep our torrents looking nice and having decent information in them. Training is provided for this position so there is no requirement that you know how to do any of this yet. We offer Bonus points as payment as a "per edit" type of thing :]

- Torrent editor is a great first step if you hope to someday become a moderator and work with the Scenetime staff and generally get involved in helping support the site.

- Editor, unlike uploader, does not require that you have a fast connection. It requires that you have some time to donate to the site to do editting.

- You can PM me or any of the other admins / moderators if you need more info or to apply for a position: But *** is waiting to hear from you!
Staff Contact List!


- You must have a good uploading speed, preferably greater than 500 kB/s.

- You MUST be a member of SceneTime for at least 1 month and have a good ratio, and you MUST have done some seeding as well.

-Bots do the majority of our uploads, BUT we need some humans that are willing to be creative, and make COMPLETE MOVIE AND SHOW PACKS and upload them on the site...We offer incentives and being part of the team opens a bunch of doors for you. ;]

- You must keep your torrents alive until there are seeders, and seed them for at least 1 week.

- When uploading a torrent provide an informative description, things such as : posters, screenshots, trailer, release date, summary, file information, etc.

- Uploading torrents with a password will ban your account on Scenetime.

- Additional information and the application for the uploader position can be found here:
Uploader App!


We need someone to help us make a Mobile App and someone to help our Coding team write code and change the site around. INQUIRE WITH SCENETIME FOR MORE ON CODING!

* YOU WILL BE PAID in bonus points per Edit/Upload. I do not expect you to do work for free, and you may spend bonus on invites to allow friends and family on and upload credit! It is a sense of worth and purpose that gives you the motivation, and when I see you doing great things out there, We ALWAYS have an open moderator spot...;D Just Message *** WHEN YOU ARE READY TO JOIN OUR TEAM!

If you have any questions, please feel free to post it on here or contact any of the staff members from the "Staff Contact List!" above and I am sure that any one of us will be delighted to help you out!

Thanks and Happy Scenetiming!