Easter Eggs Hidden Object Contest!! Win GB's to your Upload Credit!!

Dear Members this time we are going to have something new to play and you will be able to win Upload GB's, plenty of them

What does this game consists of?

Well There will be some Easter Eggs Hidden around the forums, they can be hidden in any post, old or new, first page or the last...it depends, all you guys have to do is look for the Hidden Eggs

Once you find an Egg post the forum link (Only the LINK) in this topic.

The earliest one posted (determined by submission time) wins, there will be no ties with the same egg submission!

I'll be announcing the Eggs that were already found and remove them from the forums as they get found by you guys!!

Doesn't it sound fun? And isn't Scenetime the best site in the world?


The search will BEGIN ON Saturday April 6, 2019 00:00 SERVER TIME!! and will end when all eggs have been found or on Easter Sunday, whichever comes first.

PS-This game is Only for members, to keep it fair Staff will not be participating.