Free Movie of the Week

It's time to make your offers for SP's Free Movie of the Week

Here's how it works:

Sunday-Wednesday: Make your offers for FMotW.
Late Wednesday (Eastern US time)-Saturday: Vote for your favourite movie.
Saturday night: (9PM Eastern US time) Winner is announced, Rewards are gifted, Winning movie is set free for 1 week.

Rewards for participation are as follows:

1000 Karma points for all offers submitted.
5000 Karma points for the winning movie.
That warm feeling, no not in your pants again inside knowing that your part of a great community and you've participated on one of greatest sites on the net.


Any offer you make must not be on site already. You may, however, offer upgrades of movies that are already here. No dupes allowed. All offers must be 1990 and beyond due to all Pre-1990 movies being free.
If you're the winner, Please wait until the poll is closed before uploading and seeding the movie.
Limit to 5 offers per member.
There will be only one winner per week.
Movies offered in different formats eg DVD and XviD will be treated as separate offers.
Any movie offered (but did not win) may be offered again.
Movie packs are not allowed. Each offer must be one movie only.

That's it! Pretty simple huh? Now, let's spread the word and get this ball rolling!