As the title of this contest says, SceneFZ staff will propose a long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration.
-You are advertising us on Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube Instagram LinkedIn Yahoo Flickr Google Mobile or any other social network and you will receive 5 Gb for each ad.

-We offer 15 Gb to any user who advertises us and posts the link to on torrent forums like:
-Guest 20 Gb, all those who make a video as suggestive of our tracker and climb it on
-We want VIPs to everyone who owns a site or a Facebook page where we can advertise, based on the example of the adverb below.
You can participate with an ad on each of the listed networks, or any other, and you will be awarded absolutely everything.
- Please make a print screen with the social networking page or site where you advertise and put the image or link to the image below in this topic.
- We will visualize the image and in recognition of your effort, we will award you immediately!
-Example Ad: Come along with us in the best torrent site where you find the newest and most wanted: Movies, Games, Software, Anime, Documentation, Music, plenty of applications and a host of competitions and activities. Try it for free
-Post in the ad and tracking link
-Thank you because you love this tracker!