Whoo-hoo! some more birthday gifts!

As promised, we have got some more goodies for you:

1) New theme!
Check out our new Onyx theme (Profile > Edit profile > Stylesheet: Onyx)

2) Shop!
We are excited to present to you, our Shop where you can purchase benefitís and features using Coins.

How do you get coins? It's very simple; you will earn coins just by doing what you love! Yes just by seeding and being active in the forums.

For every torrent you seed you'll earn 0.1 Coins per hour (min 10 torrents: 1 Coin/hour, max 500: 50 Coins/hour).
For every post you make in our forums you will receive 0.5 Coins (min 20 words to earn Coins).

As time passes we'll add new cool items you can purchase so keep seeding and being active in the forums and earn yourself some coins to spend on some cool features / benefits.

Little did you know that you all have been collecting Coins in the background since our birthday so have a look at how many coins youíve earned and see what tickles your fancy at our Shop.

3) Freeleech sections!
We would also like to announce that Scene General's will now get 25%, Scene Marshall's 50%, Scene Governorís 75%, and Scene Presidentí s 100% Freeleech on our ARCHIVE and MP3/ODAY sections.