Happy 9th Birthday SCC!!!

Today we celebrate our 9th Birthday! 9 years online, that's almost a decade! In today's world, 9 years feels like a lifetime. We've created many great memories and united people from all continents, made some great friends and shared great experiences along the way. There have been tremendous highs and bitter lows, but through it all, we've prevailed! The site and community have been continuously evolving and we can promise you that we are not going to stop anytime soon. We have big plans for the future, and are working hard to create the best user experience for you.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank you, all of our members, for sticking with us all these years and helping us become the community we are today! A special thank you goes to our generous donors, former/current staff and uploaders, without you we wouldn't be here!

To express our appreciation, we have some goodies for you:

1) Freeleech on all our sections for 9 days! 1 day for every year we've been online.

2) Triple the gifts. You will be receiving double (3x) the amount of upload credits and invites for every donation you make this month. In addition, every donor who has donated this month will receive a lottery ticket, 1 per 10 euro donated. Lucky winners will receive a prize;

First prize: An Amazon gift voucher to the value of 50
Second prize: Scene God status for 60 days.
Third prize: Scene God status for 30 days.

For a chance to win one or all of these amazing prizes Donate here.

3) New 9th birthday theme!

4) New movies section with advanced search!

5) New browse tab ('All') - all our browse sections in one + global search!

6) TV today and tomorrow on home is back! we had to change our feed since tvrage is down for a while.

7) New user classes: Recurit, Copral, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General, Marhshall, Governor, and President

More is coming soon, so stay tuned!

Wish us a Happy Birthday here!