"The leak is confirmed. The copy of the movie is available on the darknet and soon it will be available on torrent," Daily Mail Online quoted cybercrime expert Deep Shankar as saying.

"Many websites have been blocked since Tuesday evening and links are removed immediately after uploads," another cyber investigator, Kislay Chaudhary, told the daily.

However, Yash Raj Films (YRF) has denied the news about "Sultan" being leaked online. Some cyber experts have also commented saying that there are no active links.

"Great Grand Masti has been definitely leaked, but no active links of Sultan's censor copy can be found online. However, sources are saying that there has been a leak and that the movie was available for sometime but was pulled down immediately," cyber security expert Nitish Chandan said.

Earlier, the censor copy of the adult comedy, "Great Grand Masti" was leaked online on Monday, two weeks before its release. The pirated print has "censor board copy" written on it and was available on torrent since Monday.