Staff Welcoming Notification - Show Your Caliber - Join Team Ripstracker

Talented Chaps

We would love to Welcome active & enthusiastic contributors to Team Ripstracker

You can be in any of the following teams that you are absolutely great at & interests you the most

RT Releasers

GFX Team

Support Staff

Seeders Team

To be eligible to join in, you are expected to have the respective abilities specified hereunder

RT Releasers Team Requirements

Quality Rippers - who have prior knowledge in ripping can apply
You need to showcase your efforts in quality ripping & encoding.
You should have a good Seeding Speed
Should be an active Team member
There should be Minimum 3 releases per week
Any kind of audio or video or text watermarks are not allowed
Note 1: Sources have to be taken care of by yourselves only
Note 2: If a group of people with strong ripping knowledge & wish to work together in a Team, you are most welcome & will be recognized as a special Team name of your choice - but you should be showing us what as a team you can make wonders with your exclusive rips

~ Apply here ~

GFX Team Requirements

Those who are skilled in photoshop in both Design & Animation need to apply
To be Part of GFX Team, Take any of these Challenges up
Post sample & attractive Ripstracker Logo, Your Own Siggy & Release banners in GFX Arts section

Logo size should be of [ 400 x 100 ] pixels & can be animated
Siggy Size should be of [ 500 x 130 ] pixels & can be animated
Release banner should be of [ 640 x 380 ] pixels & can be animated
Should be Active & Responsive to the requests of other teammates at the earliest

~ Apply here ~

Seeders Team Minimum Requirements

Those who can help users with seeding need to apply
Should have a Seedbox of his own (or) your upload speed should be more than 10 Mbps
Should provide a proof of Seedbox provider (or) post screenshot of your internet speed (

~ Apply here ~

Support Staff Minimum Requirements

Should be an active member
Should have grip over Forum Rules & Regulations
Should be friendly & be ready to help other mates
Report to any superior staff of any kind of ADVERTISING/MARKETING
Report any thread/post that violates our rules
Be ready to resolve issues raised in Help & Support section

~ Apply here ~

Best Regards,
RT Management