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Coronavirus, COVID-19 = Freeleech during this Pandemy

Dear Retros,

Surely you all know the latest news about what's happening on Earth these days. This situation is completely out of control. The Coronavirus COVID-19 keeps advancing and making casualties worldwide.

Please, under no circumstances should you ignore the authorities!
As a family, we wish for all of us to be and stay healthy.

A few tips and some advice from us about how to protect yourself :

  • Avoiding close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory signs.
  • Wash your hands after contact with other people, objects, money.
  • Use the appropriate clothing including masks if in contact with sick people.
  • Restrict travel to areas with confirmed cases and follow directions of authorities.
  • Go to a health center if you experience symptoms of flu or virus.
  • Keep accessible hygiene wipes of alcohol and anti-bacterial products in your pocket.
Most importantly, keep yourselves healthy by listening carefuly to those advice, because by doing this you are keeping others healthy as well.

Why do we fear outbreaks of Viruses?

We never know the specifics of a new virus.
News media publicizes the situation before the medical world can assess the severity of the virus.
Antibiotics do not affect or protect from viruses.
The symptoms of most viruses at first are mild and vague before they become severe.
The virus becomes a “runaway train” and will affect the weak and sick quickly.
If you or your family have been infected, try to stay calm and positive (no pun intended). The Retro Family is with you, fighting and standing shoulder to shoulder, because together we will emerge victorious one more time. Humanity always does! We always win no matter what! No matter how dark the days are, no matter how hard it could get, in the end WE WILL MOVE FORWARD!
Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone infected and/or affected by this situation.

The good thing about this Pandemic is that we can be together here, on RetroFlix.
So let's get downloading them movies and start watching anything you like since we have to stay home for the next few weeks.

Feel free to comment anything about this situation, and send your thoughts and prayers to those affected