February announcements.

Hello Retros,
We are thrilled to announce that 2020 got us some fresh and new features that are just being introduced to our site. Those being said, we are more than happy to reveal all the changes that are taking place.

On the forefront, a little bit of a clarification about (future) deleted accounts :
- We will start deleting inactive accounts - meaning anyone who didnít access their accounts for more than 90 days in a row wonít have any account to log in the near future;
- Accounts with no traffic will also be deleted from now on - any account with 0 amount of transfer will be deleted if not logged into for 30 or more days in a row, except freshly created accounts which will be deleted after 60 days of inactivity regarding transfer data;
- Parked accounts will be deleted after 400 days of inactivity regarding traffic as much as logging in.
You may ask yourselves which classes are excluded from those penalties. Well, we can answer to that too :
- Film Critic and above user classes will NEVER be deleted;
- As we have already mentioned, Parked accounts will be deleted only after 400 days of inactivity.

In other news, User Classes promotion requirements, as much as our terms and conditions are the next ones to be updated.

Weíre also updating our Bonus Points system, so from now on things will start getting pretty hard. This means that if you didnít seed your torrents long enough to get a nice amount of Bonus Points, you could be struggling in the future. This is not a punishment, we just want you to get better, alongside us.

Itís like in real life when parents ground their children. Except you are not our children. And we are not your parents, but we still love you though. Donít take this as a punishment, but as a motivation to become better. And as we said, you are not our children, you are even more than that. You are the ones who keep this site running, you are the ones who make this community one of the best out there (and we really, really hope we WILL become THE BEST one day). You are the ones who WILL SUPPORT our site, by clicking this DONATIONS button and sending some love our way so we could pay for our servers. You are RetroFlix!

A brand new source code only for you, as well as an incredible new and exclusive site design.

More updates to be announced later (or not so late, hehe) this year.
Have a nice day, and may 2020 be the best year so far for all of us.
Feel free to comment anything you want about this announcement here.
#Retro FTW!