While Cobalt may not be part of a J-pop idol group, please nevertheless join us in giving them a warm welcome to the staff team. We are excited to witness all the excellent work they will accomplish with their expertise. Having them on board feels like a fantasy~

Spectrals & Bad Transcodes

We would also like to remind all users to diligently check spectrals for all of their uploads and report torrents for Lossy Master/WEB Approval when necessary. The source media of an upload (WEB, Vinyl, CD...) does not exempt it from being a possible lossy master--please check spectrals regardless of source origin.

It is solely the uploader's responsibility to ensure that their uploads meet the quality standards of the Redacted and are not "bad transcodes". Bad transcodes will be deleted and the uploader will be warned as a result.

The following wiki article expands on what bad transcodes are and how to detect them:

Transcodes & Spectral Analysis

The Transcodes & Spectral Analysis article expands on the previous Spectral Analysis (Old) and Transcodes (Old) articles to give a more detailed explanation of spectral analysis, transcodes, and lossy masters.

Thanks to puff and newstarshipsmell for the new article.

Announce URLs

The Redacted please.passtheheadphones.me tracker has been deprecated for almost 2 years. If you have not already, please switch your torrents over to the flacsfor.me tracker. You can find your Announce URL on the Upload page, but please keep in mind that it is a private and unique to your account; do not give away an Announce URL to other users under any circumstances.

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