Changes to the magic system

Dear members, the development of Hongye has come to a new stage. In order to better develop sound features and encourage official species conservation, the management team decided to adjust the parameters of the magic power system.

Basic reward upper limit 300->150
Official species coefficient 1->6
Harem bonus 0.15->0.3
L value 500->1200

After this change, the upper limit of time magic (except the harem) 600+20->1050+20
single harem bonus The upper limit of success remains unchanged,
20 is the upper limit of the basic rewards for the number of species.

The upper limit of claiming time magic is the same as the upper limit of time magic except for the harem. 600->1050. After

this change, the exchange magic power of invitations increases by 50%.
The magic cap has increased by 75%, the harem bonus remains unchanged,
and other exchange items have also increased accordingly