RFM Donate offer / Formula One Ticket Giveaway

Dear RFM members,

By popular demand, we are going to combine two of our donation offers!

Donate 10 in the month july and receive 30 GB upload amount, guaranteed!! And not only that, amongst those that have donated, we will also


What do you have to do to get a hold on these tickets? Not much really...

If you donate 10 euro or more in the month of july 2018, we guarantee a 30 GB bonus added to your upload amount. It doesn't matter whether you have a positive or negative GB difference, the 30 GB is guaranteed. So instead of getting only 10 GB, we reward you with an additional 20 GB(2).

Not only will you support your favourite motorsports torrent tracker (3), you will also automatically participate in the contest. However, there are some conditions that need to be met (4):

[*]A donation of 10 euro or more is required, one entry per donation; [*]Only donations that are being made in july 2018 will count; [*]Donations can only be made through PayPal (EUR) using the donation page, there is no other alternative method to donate to RFM; [*]You can participate as many as three times (1 donation = 1 entry);

That's basically all there is to it, easy as cake. Experience the thrill of Formula One as you have never experienced it before. The sound of the engines, the smell of racing fuel and burned rubber, and the atmosphere of the crowd. You will never forget the Formula 1 experience! The winner(5) of these tickets will receive notification in the first week of august.

The RFM Team.

Those that have already donated this month, automatically participate to win the F1 tickets.

(1) An overall total minimum of 35 entries required. General admission tickets only, travel and hotel NOT included. Tickets can not be exchanged for money.
(2) If you have a positive GB difference and prefer to have the 2 invites instead, then that is not a problem.
(3) All donations will go towards server payments and upgrades for your benefit.
(4) Racing For Me reserves the right to decline donations and/or participation. The outcome of the selection for the tickets is final and is at the sole discretion of the Racing For Me team. The outcome will not be discussed with anyone under any circumstances.
(5) The winner will be randomly picked from a pool of candidates.