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Thread: PuntoTorrent News

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    PuntoTorrent News

    Original News in spanish

    Google Translate:


    For most of you it is the first news in relation to a new Tracker, and is that we are in the test phase to migrate to a new platform of traker, that will be more practical in the time to be able to make improvements and to implant new functionalities, a Of them, which has been requested by many uploaders will be the Hit & Run, but will not be the only nor the last.

    So far everything has gone quite well, but there is one thing we have left to solve, we would like the new tracker to look different, more dynamic, more joyful, in short

    That the image of the new tracker we like TOD @ S

    To this end it has occurred to us to organize a design competition, so that all those who know something of graphic design, can give your ideas.
    The contest will be divided into two categories:
    What we will call artistic, will be to make a banner and a background image for the tracker. The PT logo should appear on those banners, you can download it from this link.

    What we will call technical, will be to design the appearance of the different screens of the tracker, like the cover, the list of torrents, the details of the Torrent, etc. ...
    The designs will be exhibited in this thread, and the winners will be chosen by popular vote once the term of the contest has closed.

    Deadline to submit papers: October 1, 2017
    There will be 3 winners in each category, the first will be chosen for the new tracker, and the second and third in recognition of their participation.
    In addition to the prizes awarded, the 3 winners will achieve the PT designer rank and will be able to participate in future designs that may arise from now on.

    Awards for the winners:

    The prizes will consist of:
    • 30TB upload
    • 30,000 points from SeedBonus
    • 30 coins to choose from
    • Will not count anything downloaded for 30 days to choose
    • 30 Invitations

    The winners will be able to choose the prize that they prefer, understanding that some prefer GB and other coins or invitations, taking into account that the first place will be able to choose 3 of the prizes. The second 2 prizes and the third 1 single prize.

    Animations, id sharpening the pencils and preheating Photoshop

    may the best win!

    The new tracker comes standard with several themes, but none of them convince us fully, hence the reason for this contest.
    To give you an idea and serve as the basis for your designs, I put some captures:

    Tracker cover:


    List of torrents:


    Torrent Details:


    Upload torrent:


    Obviously, the contestants will be able to request more captures if necessary.

    Come on designers and other Photoshop handyman !!
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