Hello everyone

Such a day as today, PuntoTorrent opened its doors exactly 10 years ago. And to celebrate that we have been with you so long, we have prepared the following:

Freelech activated until Tuesday 20 at 10:00. Download everything you want without being told in your download ratio. I take advantage to download those heavy torrents that, due to your ratio,
before you could not.

There will be raffle 4 prizes of 100 GB, 75 GB, 50 GB and 25 GB, 3 prizes of 1500, 1000 and 500 Points of seed bonus and finally 1 invitation among all those who post in the following post: https: // foros.puntotorrent.ch/index.php?topic=145786.0 until 23:59 today.

Among all the uploders that make a raise today will be raffled 1x3, 1x2, 2xGold and 3xSilvers.

We want to thank all the users who have made it possible for PT to stay alive after so long (tireless uploaders who dedicate free time of their lives to upload material so that others can have it, users who organize contests, games and so on. initiatives so that you can spend an entertaining time in the forum and, incidentally, earn a few gigs, also those users who see these initiatives and decide to participate in them ...).

To all of you ... THANK YOU

PT staff