Hey there.

This is the official way to get invites to PTP in reddit.

1: PM me 2 proofs of good ratio

2: include your email (hurr) (edit: INVITES TO HOTMAIL/LIVE ARE BEING MAGICALLY DELETED BY MSOFT, so don't use those addresses!)

3: ????

4: get downloading & uploading!

I only check for messages, so unless you PM me I won't see it!

I have unlimited invites, but I can't guarantee this offer will last forever.

Also, I have a life so if I don't reply to your PM immediately please be patient.

That's about it.


Edit: Please, do not ask "oh well here I am trying to get an invite do you still have some?". This creates unnecessary traffic. If you qualify, you'll get one, so SEND EVERYTHING (EVEN THE EMAIL (omg)) AT THE SAME TIME. If there's a problem I'll let you know. Better than bouncing endless PMs. <3

Edit 2: On your screenshots, please do try to include something more than a simple minuscule square box with a ratio. Try to include things like the tracker name (if allowed?), your username and the upload/download stats. The banner on top usually does the trick. Furthermore, if you add some extra customization (as some user did with the search bars) you'll make me laugh