Tracker: [Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates]

We updated/renewed our G**** SSL Certificate and it's now good until 2022. This has caused seedboxes to throw this error. Basically your linux box needs updated CA Certificate Store files to reflect newer authorized SSLs by the providers, including G****. You can do this in various ways:
1. If you have root or sudo root privileges, do the following at a linux command prompt: sudo /usr/sbin/update-ca-certificates -f -v
2. Google other ways to update your CA certificate stores if that does not work
3. Workaround for rtorrent: In your .rtorrent.rc file, put a line:
network.http.ssl_verify_host.set = 0
network.http.ssl_verify_peer.set = 0
(depends on version of rtorrent)
Then restart your rtorrent process (or reboot the box)