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Thread: PTerClub News

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    PTerClub News

    Google Translation:

    We welcome the CatEDU team to Pter

    We welcome the CatEDU team to PTerClub officially. We hope you will enjoy the excellent work released by the Cat Education Group (click the link).

    CatEDU group: It started as a personal group CatMAG, from updating magazines to audio books, adding new members, updating books, smart tigers and educational videos, etc., in the future, there will be more educational video resources. We have come from one person and are forming a group to move forward. Although the establishment of the group is very short and young, we have adhered to the standard Chinese and English naming in the past two months of publication time, and solicited opinions from all parties., I hope to use my own little power to show and change the problem of naming the PT education resources in China, and at the same time bring resources that we each feel useful and like.
    In addition, more groups or individual original publications are welcome to enter PTerClub. The site will provide a certain degree of exposure for your masterpieces and let more people pay attention to you.

    Sincerely, PTerClub

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