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On this site is forbidden to upload movies from the National Copyright Office's copyright protection early warning list. Thank you!

Cat Station (Friends Club of PT) Welcome everyone

Features of this station:
● This station is a comprehensive PT station, which is built and managed by the Buddha harvesters.
● This site is a site built for the purpose of giving back to PT enthusiasts. It is especially suitable for newcomers. It has low entry requirements, easy to start and can learn about PT in the station.
● The forum forum section will reprint the activity and registration information of each PT station from time to time.
● There are private kiln and official kiln plates in this station. In addition, the official QQ group is full of enthusiasm. PT enthusiasts who have not got access to each station can enter the luck and make friends.
● This forum has a song-singing section, and you are interested in music and music. Welcome to enter songs and exchange your favorite music.
● This site has original suppression resources to supplement the remaining repressive resources of each station.
● This site does not dare to say forever, but does not need member contributions in the short term.
● This site is a Buddhist website. There is not much ambition, and everyone should not have any pressure. If the newcomer is not guilty of making mistakes, this site will be lenient, and everyone will be happy.

Since this site is newly built, there are not many temporary resources. I hope that you can reprint and share it after you register. This site is based on the long-standing BT purpose and slogan: I am everyone, everyone is me.

If you have valuable opinions or hope to help the construction of the site, please feel free to join the QQ group to join our family.

QQ group number: 961405350 (full), 852874916