To 2016.08.04, FRDS-PT fourth anniversary of the establishment of the station, 且行且珍惜. PT now on short-term and off-site forum open registration, the station 2xFree.

FRDS-PT no assessment, no commercial advertising and donor requirements, only this group of independent publishing FRDS repression. There are cost-effective small volume of more than 1080P 720P + 4000 works, of which HEVC-1080p.x265 has more than 800.

The PT small source species or break the film can be made to stand outside the forum to get network disk address: download area requirements "full members" to feed (currently open), welcome to download and secondary species. FRDS-PT forum account outside the station and not universal.
Outside the station Forum (registration verification fill keepfrds): http: // mod = register?

Thanks friends love and support has always been, Let us keep friends forever!

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